COVID-19 Pandemic Continues to Impact City Budget


The Quarterly City Managers Report (“QCMR”) for the second quarter (period ending December 31, 2020), estimates FY2021 revenues at $4.602 billion and obligations at $4.934 billion, according to PICA’s Staff Report. These estimates are higher than the projections in the City’s FY2021-FY2025 Five Year Plan (the “Plan”) by $20.6 million (revenues) and $129.3 million (obligations). Therefore, City spending is projected to outpace revenues in FY2021.

The QCMR also projects a year-end fund balance of $29.1 million, $22.3 million less than projected in the Plan and far below targets set by both City officials and the Government Finance Officers Association, but $6.2 million more than the City’s first quarter projection.

PICA’s Staff Report also identifies key management issues and tracks departmental performance for several City departments.

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