FY2022 overtime costs for the second quarter totaled approximately $98.0 million, $7.2 million less than through the second quarter of FY2021, and $15.4 million less than FY2020. This represents the lowest second quarter total since FY2019. Some of the highest increases over FY2021 occurred within the Department of Prisons, the Streets Department, Parks and Recreation, and Fleet management. Those same departments experienced the highest increases over FY2020, with the exception of Fleet Management. The surge in Omicron Variant cases of COVID-19 may have affected Q2 leave usage and therefore overtime figures for the quarter.

In this update PICA compares FY2022 overtime figures through the second quarter to FY2020 as well as FY2021, as FY2021 was an atypical year for overtime spending due to the onset of COVID-19. Many City buildings and offices were closed or under reduced hours, much City programming was cancelled or curtailed, and many City employees worked remotely. Thus, a multi-year comparison provides a more complete analysis of the City’s progress in managing overtime costs.

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