The City collected approximately $340.9 million in General Fund tax revenue in January of 2022, compared to $246.1 million in January of 2021, an increase of approximately $94.8 million for FY2022, or 38.5%. Some of that increase continues to be attributable to lower-than-usual collections last January when the City was in the midst of a surge in Covid-19 cases, as every tax category saw increases for the second consecutive month. The combined City portion of the wage, earnings, and net profits taxes increased by $40.6 million, or 29.4%. The real estate and realty transfer taxes increased by $1.6 million (3.8%) and $31.0 million (114.0%), respectively. The City sales tax increased by $510,578, or 3.6%; business income and receipts (BIRT) increased by $11.3 million, or 72.1%; and the parking, amusement, and beverage taxes increased by $3.5 million, $1.8 million, and $1.1 million.

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