The City collected approximately $820.0 million in General Fund tax revenue in April of FY2022, compared to $507.5 million in April of FY2021, an increase of approximately $312.6 million, or 61.6%. Collections increased for every tax category in April—some by notable amounts as shown in Table 1. BIRT (business income and receipts tax) increased by $177.7 million over last year, or, 89.1%. Realty transfer tax increased by $46.3 million, or 184.3%, after a triple-digit increase last month. City sales, parking, and amusement taxes also experienced considerable increases, of 111.0%, 38.1%, and 123.1%, respectively. The City portion of the wage, earnings, and net profits taxes also increased—albeit more modestly—by $8.7 million, or 6.2%.

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