Wage, Earnings and Net Profits, Sales Taxes Decrease in First Month of FY2021

BIRT, Total Collections High Due To Extended Deadline

The City collected approximately $479.2 million in General Fund tax revenue in July of FY2021, compared to $253.7 million in July FY2020, an increase of approximately $225.6 million, or 88.9 percent. However, these totals reflect FY2020 BIRT tax collections since the BIRT deadline was extended until July 15 as part of COVID-19 relief for businesses. As such, Table 1 shows an increase in FY2021 BIRT collections of $256.4 million, or 2,500.5 percent over FY2020. Future reports may show BIRT collections remitted before July 15 as prior year (FY2020) collections.

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