PICA today issued its First Quarter (FY2022) Overtime Update for the City of Philadelphia. The report found:

  • Comparing FY2021 to FY2022, first quarter overtime ($48.3 million) increased by $8 million, or 19.9%
  • Comparing FY2020 to FY2022, first quarter overtime decreased by $4.8 million, or 9.0%
  • The first quarter, which includes the summer months, is generally the highest quarter for overtime spending due to high leave usage, special events, and other public safety activity
  • The City's total FY2022 overtime appropriation, $185.8 million, represents the City's highest ever overtime budget, nearly $20 million more than in FY2020.

In this update PICA compares FY2022 first quarter figures to FY2020 figures in several analyses, as FY2021 was an atypical year for overtime spending due to the onset of COVID-19. Many City buildings and offices were closed or under reduced hours, much City programming was cancelled or curtailed, and many City employees worked remotely. Thus, comparing FY2022 overtime figures to FY2020 (the last pre-COVID fiscal year) provides a better indicator of the City’s progress in managing overtime costs.

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