Assessing a 21st Century Threat: Cybersecurity in Modern Government

On Tuesday, October 8, PICA hosted a conference entitled Assessing a 21st Century Threat: Cybersecurity in Modern Government, at Temple University’s Center City Campus. The purpose of the conference was to gather government officials, economists, policy-makers, academics, and experts in the field of cybersecurity to discuss recent cyber-attacks on public agencies, as well strategies and best practices for preparing for and defending against such attacks, which, through increasing frequency and severity, have become the preeminent 21st century threat to government systems.

Representatives from Econsult Solutions, the City Government of Philadelphia, Deloitte International, and Mercadien Technologies were on hand to present on global trends in cybersecurity, why cybersecurity is such a heavy lift for government, emerging threats and anatomy of a cyber attack, and the importance of prevention when dealing with cyber threats. Additionally, Jeff Friedman of Deloitte joined us as moderator, adding insight and leading the group discussion. Please find below links to the conference materials, as well as the presentations given by our distinguished speakers.

Today's Presentations:

Harvey Rice, Executive Director, PICA

Kevin Vaughan, PICA Chair

Jeff Friedman, Deloitte

Daniel Miles, Econsult Solutions

Mark Wheeler, Chief Information Officer,
City of Philadelphia

Chris Mangano, Mercadien Technologies

Doug Powers and Piyush Pandey, Deloitte

Today's Participants