City’s So Far Spends $23.6 Million More in Overtime Than Last Year

Departments Spend Two-Thirds of Allocation Halfway Through Fiscal Year

January 24, 2020 —The Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority’s (“PICA”) Overtime Update for the Second Quarter of FY2020 showed City of Philadelphia overtime costs totaled $113.1 million, $23.6 million more than through the second quarter of last year. Additionally, PICA’s analysis found City departments spent 67.9 percent of their total allocation for FY2020 overtime, with half the fiscal year still remaining. While some overtime costs within the Police Department may be reimbursed, the City projects it will approach $200 million in overtime spending in FY2020. FY2020 also marks the fifth year in which PICA has advocated for an improved budgeting process, as the City’s target budget for overtime this year is now $33 million more than its original projection.

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