Issue Papers

Past Issue Papers:


  • Review of the City of Philadelphia Police Court Overtime (Report)
  • Update on the City of Philadelphia's DROP Program (Report)
  • City of Philadelphia Performance: Measurement, Reporting, and Accountability (Report)
  • Philadelphia's Pension System: Reducing Risk and Achieving Fiscal Stability (Report)


  • Philadelphia Fire Department Study (Report)
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center Expansion Project Financial Impacts for State and City (Report)


  • Consolidating Philadelphia’s Row Offices (Report)
  • Facility Assessment Project (Report)
  • City Budget Behind Bars (Report)
  • Health/Medical Benefits: Burning a Hole in the Budget (Report)
  • Look Before You Leap – The Fiscal Situation that Awaits the Next Mayor (Report)
  • Reversing the Trend of Doing Too Little with Too Much: Maintaining the City’s Infrastructure While Reducing Its Dangerously High Debt Load (Report)
  • An Ounce of Prevention: Managing the Ballooning Liability of Philadelphia’s Pension Fund (Report)
  • From Virtual Realty to Full Value Realty: Preparing for Reassessment (Report)


  • The Crime of Inefficiency: The Cost of Policing Philadelphia (Report)
  • Philadelphia’s Fiscal Challenge: Finding A Way To Save (Report)
  • Good Policy Demands Better Measurement: Philadelphia’s Economic Development Program (Report)
  • Philadelphia Must Reduce Its Need for Tax Revenue (Report)


  • The Adverse Consequences of Philadelphia’s Continuing Population Loss (Report)
  • Caution: Severe Threats to Philadelphia’s Fund Balance Ahead (Report)
  • Court Unification and State-Wide Funding: Future Five-Year Financial Plan, Implications for the City of Philadelphia (Report)
  • Philadelphia Government Costs: Additional Reductions Required (Report)
  • Revenue Stress in the City of Philadelphia (Report)
  • Staff Report on the State Funding of the Department of Human Services (Report)
  • Continuing Economic Decline: A Foreboding Future for Philadelphia (Report)