City Exceeds Overtime Allocation by $44 Million in FY2018 

Marks Eighth Consecutive Year of Overspending

November 15, 2018— City reports show that overtime costs for fiscal year 2018 totaled $179.4 million, $43.8 million more than was budgeted for the fiscal year, and $16.1 million more than FY2017. The FY2018 overtime spending total is the most the City has ever spent on overtime in a single fiscal year—over $9 million more than the City’s previous high total in FY2016. Thus, the City has once again exceeded its overtime allocation, for the eighth consecutive fiscal year. During the period from FY2011 to FY2018, the City spent $1.2 billion in overtime, while exceeding the total allocation for those years by more than $230 million.

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